Spousal and Child Support

Spousal Support

  • Spousal support is money paid by one spouse to the other.
  • Depending on the length of your marriage and various other factors set forth in R.C. 3105.18(C), you may be required to pay spousal support.  Your income is necessary to determine whether you (or your spouse) are able to support yourself and/or whether you are entitled to spousal support.
Spousal support orders typically contain provisions on duration and termination, but can vary from case-to-case depending on the parties’ assets, debts, age, health, and duration of marriage.
  • Spousal support may be modified, but if and only if the Court retains jurisdiction to modify it.
  • If the Court has retained jurisdiction, then a motion requesting a modification of spousal support must be filed in order to be considered by the Court.  R.C. 3105.18 sets forth the requirements for spousal support modification.

Child Support

Child support is money typically paid by one parent (the Obligor) to the other parent (the Obligee) to meet the basic needs of the child, such as food, clothing and shelter.
  • Child support is calculated based on the combined gross incomes of the parties.
  • The amount of child support that the Obligor is required to pay is set by the schedule in R.C. 3119.021.
  • If the parties’ combined gross incomes exceeds $150,000, then child support is calculated by R.C. 3119.04.
Child support is paid until the order terminates, which typically occurs when the child has reached the age of 18 and has graduated from high school.  Other circumstances that warrant termination include:

  • When there is a change of custody;
  • When the child reaches the age of 19;
  • If the child enlists in the armed services; or,
  • If the child fails to attend an accredited high school on a full time basis.
A motion requesting a modification in child support must be filed to be considered by the Court.  R.C. 3119.79 sets forth the requirements for modification.
If you have an order from the Court, the Child Support Enforcement Agency may be restricted from making certain modifications.

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